10 Beauty Products My Make Up Bag Is Aching For Right Now

Since you guys seem to really love it when I blog about beauty products, I thought I’d make a post about some items that my make up bag is aching for right now:) Most of these things I’ve used and loved and just ran out of but all of these products are irreplaceable for me. What is missing from your Make up bag?

Bonacure Moisture kick spray – This spray feels super light, smells heavenly and leaves hair perfectly moisturized. Tried it for the first time 10 years ago and loving it to this day.

Escada Rockin Rio perfume – I’ve used like 5 bottles of these and as much as I try to find something else that smells like summer and is perfect for a blonde girl, I can’t. Now that My Justin Bieber perfume has ran out (I’m not even kidding), I think I’m gonna return to this one.

Guerlain Divinora Liquid eyeliner – This is the first eyeliner I used. My mom who doesn’t actually use any make up had gotten it as a birthday present and a 12 year old me was happy to steal that from her. My first attempts to look like the Russian hooker living downstairs (true story) went awfully wrong but this eyeliner is to this day the best liquid eyeliner I’ve used.

Kanebo Sensai Fluid Finish – Unfortunately they don’t sell Kanebo in the States (or maybe I need to look around in the Japanese part of the town) but I just tried this foundation at my friends house and it was amazingly thin and natural looking. Gotta find it!

Make Up Forever HD microfinish powder – this powder is a staple in my make up bag. Have used it for years and will use for many to come.

Redken Blown away Blow Dry Gel – Just the way this stuff smells makes it worth buying it. The first time I used it, I went around the studio and made everyone smell my hair.

Rose Hip Nu Youth serum by Renuatum. – I got this product in a goodie bag from a pre-Oscar party and was instantly amazed by how epic it is. It seems to be an oil, yet unlike other oils, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. The face will feel the most moisturized it ever has and me, who is unusually bad with keeping any kind of regime going, have been obsessed with using this twice a day. The skin feels incredible!! I’m about to run out and will for sure get a new bottle like now. www.renuatum.com

Round Foundation Brush – Tried this at my friends house. Why don’t I already have it? Way better than any other applicator for foundation.

Urban Decay Lip Plumper – Makes my lips feel like they’ve just been stung by a bee. Maybe a bit too much tingle for some but I’m Eastern European so if it hurts, I know it’s working. lol.

I’ve been a fan of everything clear forever but now when I’m thinking about moving and what my new place should be like, I’m reminded of my love for all things lucite again cause I know I NEED to get some pieces for my new place. Clear things feel so clean and elegant to me. They’re not screaming for your attention but still manage to steal the show by being so different. What do you guys think? Breathtaking or boring?


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