What To Wear To Coachella: Shoes

It’s that time again pals. That time where people from all over the country gather in a field in the middle of the desert, all for one reason: to show off their awesome fashion. Oh also I guess to see some live music, and buy $20 hamburgers and $5 waters, but mostly for the clothes. Thus, we’re dedicating a series of “What To Wear” to a few different categories of items you can pack for your weekend in Indio.

Now we must talk SHOES. I know what you’re thinking. It’s hot, it’s the desert, I’m wearing pretty dresses or whatever, I must need some dainty sandals. NO. As a friend, I cannot let you expose your feet to the detritus and despair that lives on the grounds of the festival. Your feet are your friends. Don’t do that to them. Cover them up so they don’t have to wade through the gross.

Here are a bunch of shoes that are still cute while protecting your toes from the terror. Click through and let us know which ones you’ll be rocking.


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