10 Bizarre Fake Eyelashes!

A few days ago I saw a picture of a model at a fashion show with the most bizzare fake eyelashes! And when I say fake, I mean – REALLY FAKE. I’ll post that particular picture at the end of this gallery, so make sure to check that one out because it’ll definitely suprirse you.

As for me, I don’t really use fake eyelashes. Maybe because I don’t like anything heavy to be around or on my eye, but I do really love Kim Kardashian’s fake eyelashes–maybe when I’m older I may apply those. But for now, I think my eyelashes are long enough.

The people in this gallery, however, take fake eyelashes to another level! You’ll see what I mean.

Check it out and make sure to comment on which one you think is the most bizarre and if you would ever apply them!