Twenty One Pilots Sign To Fueled By Ramen while The Swellers Discuss Leaving the Label

As one band leaves a label’s roster, there becomes room for one more artist to join the alumni. The Swellers made the seemingly shocking decision to quit Fueled By Ramen earlier in the month (April 20th) and now their shoes have been filled by Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots.

The addition of Twenty One Pilots to the FBR family was announced yesterday and their induction has been made 100% official with the label including footage of the band signing their new contracts in a video introducing the band.

As for Fueled By Ramen‘s former signing, The Swellers have talked to PropertyOfZack further explaining their decision to leave the label stating that they felt they didn’t fit in with the other bands despite successful indie signings like Fun. “I think a big part of it too was that we kind of realized that they would understand because they have these bands that are doing so well. And then a band from a world like ours. A DIY and I guess punk band being bunched with those other bands doesn’t really make any sense for them because of the way they promote.” (You can read the entire interview here).

Although things didn’t work out for The Swellers, the future looks positive for Twenty One Pilots. Dun of the duo told Columbus Alive that they decided to work with the label because “they’re one of the labels that really allow a lot of creative control”. Let’s hope for the best – for both bands.

How do you think things will work out for Twenty One Pilots at FBR?

Are you happy that The Swellers went separate ways?