Tupac’s Performance At Coachella..WHAT?!

Reblogged from Samii Ryan

Yeah, you heard me, Tupac performed at Coachella. As soon as I woke up Josh showed me this video of Tupac performing with Snoop Dogg.. I was REALLLY creeped out and also like “Wow, he IS still alive?!”

Then I found out that it was a hollogram..But like who did the vocals? How did he give a shoutout to Coachella? How was he insync with Snoop? So many questions!!

If you haven’t watched Tupac‘s performance, I think you should see it for yourself!

Tupac is still alive, or our technology is getting SUPER high tech!!

What do you think of it?!

PS.I mean they better hollogram John Lennon next!