The Truth Of Tokio Hotel: Bill&Tom Kaulitz Father Speaks For The First Time

For the first time the father of Bill and Tom is speaking The truth about Tokio Hotel “Fame and money have destroyed our family”

His sons are the spitting image of their father. The dark eye brows, the sting-hairstyle, the charismatic mouth.

Jörg (44) from Hannover is the biological father of Bill (22) and Tom Kaulitz (22) of the band Tokio Hotel!

So far, the trucker hasn’t shown himself as father of the twins in public, hasn’t talked a word about his famous sons.

If it was up to the two, it should stay this way: The father received a letter a few days ago from America, that has hurt him deeply. He should never be allowed to say a word about his sons in public.

Furthermore, the twins want to cut him out of their will!

Jörg: “I think they want to leave their money to animal protection.”

In BILD Jörg breaks his silence for the first time. He’s doing it out of fear about his boys, that he hasn’t seen in three years.

“The fame and money have destroyed our family.”, Jörg says with a sad voice. “Since Bill and Tom moved to America in Autumn 2010, I only have contact with them via text messages. Tom’s last text message said: ‘[We’ve] Got problems, we have to come to terms with the past!’ I think with that they mean that they’ve lost their orientation in life.”

From the point of view of their father it’s no wonder: “They had been shooed from gig to gig, until they were burned-out. I once was backstage. There was no glamour, only two powerless little boys and a few cold burgers. The stress has gotten them mentally ill.”

Review: When the twins were seven, their parents got divorced. Father Jörg works as trucker in Hannover. The twins move to Magdeburg with their mother Simone. As it is common in divorced families, the father and sons met regularly, they spent their holidays together, the father pays aliments.

Jörg: “Then in 2005 they got famous, they were only 15. Their childhood was over at a single blow. Crazy fans chased them 24/7. If they wanted to go to the cinema, they had to rent a room. If they wanted to go to a restaurant, they had to order the food to their hotel room. They were like prisoners.”

The father was allowed to visit concerts of his boys, but wasn’t allowed to announce himself as their father. “In the audience there were my ex-wife Simone and her new husband Gordon as official parents, I had to sit somewhere at the margin. Back then, I thought that I wouldn’t fit the picture as a simple trucker. Today I’m sure: It’s not Bill’s and Tom’s fault. I think their mother is behind it. She always kept things firmly in hand.”

Ok, this isn’t a man and neither a father, but only a piece of s*** and probably a s*** could be offend to be compared to him. And this isn’t a joke but I’m damn serious!

How can exist a human being just like him? How can he says that Tokio Hotel ruined their family when only saved Bill & Tom and the only one who ruined something is HIM?!?!?!

I’m speechless about this article and I would like to punch his horrible face.

Does he want 15 minutes of fame?!?!?! Damn, this is so ridiculous! How can he permit to say that Tom is mentally ill?!?!?!

Ok, I have to calm a bit!


UPDATE #2 – BILD April 17, 2012

Tokio Hotel want to bring their father with 6000 euros to silence …and he should also renounce his portion of inheritance

As “Tokio Hotel,” the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (22) earned millions. But their own father, with whom they never had a problem, they suddenly want to fob off with 6000 euros…

The sum stands in a letter, that the twins sent their father Jörg (44) from America. Unusual, how cold this writing is…

Therein the two famous sons demand of their father, to never speak about the shared past. Although he never did so and actually also didn’t plan to.

They offer him a one-time 6000 euros as hush money.

But in return, he should also renounce his portion of mandatory inheritance. Corresponding forms accompany the letter.

How now?

“As I read the letter, a part of me died. They speak with me, as with a stranger. I really haven’t earned that,” says Jörg. He and mother Kaulitz had split, as the twins were seven.

The letter (presented to Bild) begins with “Dear Jörg” and is signed from both sons.

They write: “Enclosed you’ll receive an agreement, in which we regulate the communication of our private life. Additionally, the outline of the payment of the 6000 euros, as also the waiver of the compulsory portion is attached.”

And onward: “You’ll sign and send these to your notary. As soon as the documents are with us, we would go with the payment/renunciation agreement to the consulate.”

Why this writing, this heartless letter?

“I also don’t understand, why my sons want to disinherit me. I have always paid alimony and never asked for money from Bill and Tom. I also want no cent from them in the future.”

Lawyer Matthias Meier (50) from Dortmund: “To Father Jörg is accorded, as to every family member of the first degree, a legal compulsory portion. And this would allow itself to be shifted, in the case of Bill and Tom Kaulitz, in very different dimensions as 6000 euros.”

Father Jörg wonders at the letter of his sons the most about one thing: “Why are my boys making their testament at 22 years old?” He says: “At this age, one doesn’t normally think about death. Over that I’m the most concerned.”

UPDATE #3 – BILD April 18, 2012

The father has never spoken, never publicly revealed his face: Until he wanted to stop his sons, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (22) from “Tokio Hotel”, with 6000 € hush money to the mouth.

Yesterday BILD reported the strange letter from the twins to their father. Today, says Father Joerg (44) about his life with the teen stars and his concerns for the children.

Why are you only now entered the public?

Father Joe: “There is only one reason: I want to see Bill and Tom is not about vanity hurt, and certainly not about money – it is a question that I’m worried about my sons..”


Father Joe: “Yes. Very large even if I for example, Bill’s new tattoo on the hand saw, this skeleton – it horrifies me.”

He’s a rock star …

Father Joe:. “But I hope he does not like Amy Winehouse ends I’m afraid that Bill dies early, he always had a connection to the death Now the guys seem to have even made their wills That’s all not normal… . “

Can you remember the last joint meeting?

Jorg: “. Of course, Christmas 2009, [PHOTO ABOVE] Bill and Tom came to visit me, we have ‘Freixenet’-champagne drink, smoke, have a chat then I never saw her again, you’re emigrated to America….”

And then you had any contact?

Jörg. “Yes, via SMS, but I have a feeling that they are externally controlled in America in the last text message from Tom sounded out the reproach that I have separated from their mother when they were seven, you would have.. today suffer from this circumstance. “

Why did you leave the family?

Jorg: “My wife dragged Simone and I have not understood you wanted to always aim high and felt it I was able to artists ever do anything I wanted to live a normal life….”

What role does your ex-wife Simone (43) day in the life of the children?

Jorg: “.. An important bill for his mother is his goddess Papa Tom is more the child-I think Simon has a great influence on the boys so she lives with them in Los Angeles…”

How were Bill and Tom as a child?

Jorg: “. Alertness and creativity I noticed early on that they are special Bill retired as a little boy likes to dress for the carnival, or dressed up as Pippi Longstocking with braids..”

What was the worst thing that you have experienced with your sons?

Jorg: “When Bill 2008 in Berlin at the clinic was, and his voice was gone when I saw him lying there so pale and exhausted, he did me, so sorry Its managers have granted him barely a pause to collapse since has such a boy at some point… . “

Why did you do anything about it?

Jorg: “I had no legal basis, the mother had custody of the child, because we were never married to each other, you have also signed contracts for all the guys when they were still underage…”

Do you think that your family gets together ever again?

Jorg: “There is nothing I want more but I have little hope Bill and Tom once said, her dogs are her family, because dogs are loyal for a lifetime That gave me a stitch put into your heart….. Dogs are more important to them than I am. “

If you have any questions, just ask! I’m glad to answer to all of you about this fact and say you something you probably don’t know about Bill&Tom childhood!