My Favorite Prom Dresses!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Dress up, updo’s and fake eyelashes! Prom, prom, prom, prom.

There is all kinds of pressure at prom, to look and be your best. But take it from me- you can totally relax. First of all, I went to prom alone (semi-with a dude from my drama class) I wore orange spandex (timeless right?) I had horrible hair, eyebrows, spraytan and shoes that were two sizes to big for me. I can 100% say that it all turned out okay.

If you have a date or not, if you get invited to the cool parties or not, if the guy or gal you love goes with someone else. It really doesn’t matter, the most important thing that matters is that you understand the power and beauty of your youth and embrace that there are no prom do-over’s in life. You get one night, one prom night. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for you. Spin by yourself on the dance floor, wear whatever makes you feel best and laugh with your friends. This is it. The night everyone will be talking about at the 10 year reunion.

Have you guys picked out your dresses? I found some super cute ones that I think you might like. CHECK THEM OUT. What do you think?

I love prom.

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