The sky is so sad and an angels crying. But I don’t know why. Sometimes I think that I did something bad. Or maybe I see too much. I have so crazy poetic soul. I want to described on paper everything what I see. Every secret smile, sad face or scream on the street. For me it has so big sense. This is my life.

People don’t understand vision of my world. Every element is something more than last day. But often I back to my memories. I know that this is wrong but for sure one day I’ll not must to do it.

Dreams… I love think about their. But I know that I don’t have chance to come true my secret dreams. World isn’t fair and we must to know where is ours place.

I don’t have any place. But I want to have my Wonderland. Maybe I shouldfly to future.

I don’t fix to this era. My world it: love, light and again love. Can I want to have more?? No!!! These are the best stuffs which we can to have.

I hate money!!! So much They controlthis world 🙁 We can’t to have a normal life by this stupid thing So many people doesn’t have chance to a normal life, so many can’t eat or go to school. It makes me so sad. I want to help so much but I can’t. It makes me so sad.

I hope that in future I’ll have chance to released my stuffs. When I’ll can to do it, I’ll add create foundation. I’ll want to do something for girls which are talented but doesn’t have any chance to come true their dreams.

Maybe I must to try for these kids???

Many love and light, Forbidden