Today I had so crazy day. I wake up about 4.45 a.m. like every day. I did so many stuffs but I wanna do more and more. But day doesn’t have too many hours. I need more.

I started write an essays to technical school. I have a few and they are so crazy. Next I noticed some ideas to contest. I wrote some story. And something more. Unfortunately I can’t say more. The rules creates this world.

I can’t forget about my video which I created for everyone who needs it. My a little bully project will be about me. I feel so ashamed that I’ll try show to you something more about me. But I hope that it will can to help someone.

Buzznet is inspiration to my bully project. I called it “Bully isn’t answer” and you will can to watch it in Friday or Saturday.

And something so amazing happened me today: NOH8 Campaign followed me on Twitter, and next I did the same. Maybe the reason is that earlier I mentioned something about Kerli and this campaign.

If you don’t know a normally for people I’m KerliPoland (Polish fan site) and KerliLand (tumblr in English for everyone) 🙂

Many love and light,