My Fashion Inspirations!

Ever since I was little I was super into fashion. In kindergarten, I even had my own fashion line, called Lil Sis Designs. I won all the art contests at my schools with my designs, most of which were modeled by Barbie dolls. I never wanted to blend in, always opting to stand out, even if it meant being the weird girl wearing the tiara and bedazzled kitten heels to school. In high school, I went through infinite phases, changing my look drastically every few weeks. There was my punk rock phase, where I would wear my Blink182 jacket, put blue streaks in my crimped hair, wear neon or black skinny jeans, and carry my beloved microphone in my purse for after school band rehearsals. Then of course, there was my Nancy Drew phase, where I would wear my pink wool pea coat everyday, paired with knee socks, a plaid skirt, and button up blouses. I even had a short lived mega-hippie phase, where I would come to school with absolutely no make up (yikes), with bell bottoms, earthy toned tee shirts and floral blouses, with thick headbands across my forehead.

BUT throughout all my weird phases, there’s been people/things that have inspired my fashion for quite some time. Here are some of my current inspirations!