Take A Stand Against Bullys

As many of you may know I kinda live life to the beat of my own drum. I have talked so much in the past about bully’s and how I delt with them growing up. If you take a chance and be yourself, people can get insecure and that’s how a bully starts. Everyone is so worried about fitting in they forget to be true to themself. I recently saw the trailer for the new Bully Movie, I can not wait to see this! I think it’s super important to spread this message and I hope you will all promote it along with me! Kids.. children are commiting suicide due to bullying on a very frquent basis and schools/gov is not doing much about it! We need to make a stad together to fight this and not allow it to happen.

If you see someone getting picked on, stand up for them! I still to this day get internet bullied around the clock. I don’t pay any attention to it, if anything I stand up for myself when needed. A lot of you guys have stod up for me as well. Please start doig this for other people who need the support!

Thoughts on bullying? Has it effected your life or someone you know!?

For more information on how to help visit The Bully Project!