Spring Is In the Air Photo Round Up

Supposedly, there are supposed to be an extra few weeks of winter because the groundhog saw it’s shadow. I don’t even know how that works.

Am I not even supposed to have gifs like this that say swears? IDEK. F THE POLICE.

Anymews, I bring up the extra winter weeks because you would never know that more winter was happening on Buzznet. There are so many wonderful photos of blooming flowers and sunny skies. Let’s take a look at some that I thought were nice that may or may not have been for the actual Photo Assignment.

Please to meet our tour guide, B by DesertJeff:

B’s co-captain is this wonderful mew, Charlie, friend of Jane

Our captains thought this building was where all the cat food was kept:

Feli took this. There is no cat food in there.

They also went to look for food in Aly’s shoes but there were only feets in there:

Pishelle lured our captains to this wonderful flower:

Since our captains can’t pay attention to anything for too long, they went over to AshKash’s lilac:

The captains decided to lay around on their backs and swat at RavenMariee’s flowers instead:


The captains saw RhiannaResolution’s flower on the floor and wanted to put it back up in the trees:

They wanted to put it in Candle’s tree because it looked barren:

The captains didn’t end up doing that. Instead, they went to look at Enelya’s watercolors:

Then, the captains went on to look at the setting sun with AudreyLAMouillaud:

We hope you have enjoyed story time, as brought to you by cats. That is all! Make sure you stop by the pages of those that contributed and tell them that they are awesome, because they are. Stay tuned for more Photo Assignment shenanigans. TTFN!