The Ship Of Dreams: Titanic In 3D

If you ask anyone who knows me pretty well from my childhood what one of my favorite movies is, the answer will be Titanic. Not only have I been in love with the ocean since I can remember but I also have been giddy over Leonardo Dicaprio. Besides those two obvious reasons I really enjoy the story and history behind the movie and the way they brought it all together to make an impressive love story as well. I have been counting down until the day it would be released in 3D because I knew it would blow me away, I was right. We made sure we got the Dome Cinema at Arclight to get the full effect which somehow made the movie even better than ever before. The whole time you felt like you were right there through it all and it made you fall even more in love with the characters. If you are even someone who doesnt like the movie I highly recommend going to see it because the editing and hard work put into making this masterpiece of a movie 3D is so evident, just be sure to have 3 hours and 15 mins of free time available first of course! Now if only they can learn how to make the young Leo into a 4D version because then I’d NEVER let go… :p