Sean From 3OH!3 Shares Prom Memory & Playlist

Yesterday I announced that I will be attending Prom For Hope tomorrow at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. One of the acts that will be DJing is Nat and Sean from 3OH!3. Sean gave me the inside scoop of his Prom experiences and ideal Prom playlist.

Sean: I was too lame/cool to go to Prom. So I ended up hanging out withmy parents. Late at night I got a call from one of my friends at after prom, he was asking if I’d pick him up. I hopped in my mini van and drove out to get him. On the way, my contacts dried up and my eyes started watering. So when my friends piled in the van it looked like I was the loser in sweatpants who didn’t go to prom and that I was just sitting in the parking lot crying!

Sean’s Prom Playlist:

Genuwine–My Pony

The Darkness–I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Jurassic Park–Theme Song

Sisqo–Thong Song

Duck Sauce–Barbara Streisand