Question of the Day: What Would You Save Your Money For?

Yesterday, we talked about making it rain on pretty much anything. Spending money is all fine and dandy but sometimes I feel like I am the grasshopper in that Aesop fable of yore. I really should be saving money for stuff (like my retirement/death) instead of doing this:

Saving money is hard for me because well, there are a lot of things to buy and they aren’t free. It turns out that you actually cannot buy a sandwich with a song. It makes me sad.

I actually have a few bucks saved up right now because I need all the dollars to do my bike ride from SF to LA in June. After that, I have to pay off a ticket (maybe, if I feel like it) that I have neglected. It involved a high speed chase on my bike. You may LOL if you please. I am a rebel.

After June, I need to save all the money because my friend is getting married in Hawaii in April of 2013. That is going to be crazytown. The ticket isn’t as expensive as I thought it was going to be but the room, OMG THE ROOM.

The rooms are like houses pretty much and a day in it is pretty much my rent. I have never been to the 50th state because of reasons and I really never had any plans to because LOST is over and no one cares really. This wedding shindig is the perfect reason to go and well, you’re going to hate me for doing this but:

I think I am done here, talking about nonsense and what not. Now it’s your turn. Tell me about how you would save money if you could and what it would be for. GO!

What would you save your money for?