Question of the Day: What Do You Waste Your Money On?

I am sure that there are probably more interesting things to ask but I can’t really be bothered to look right meow. Akshually, I just went to look at the trending topics on Twitter and they were pretty whack. Anymews, I am not at work today because I am going to rage out with my friend that lives in Mexico. I’ve known him since forever and we’ve seen each other like, once or twice since I moved back to Los Angeles. Thank goodness for social media for keeping us together.

We also have a love child named Mr. Perkins that is a plushy fish that is rainbow colored. The end.

Yesterday, after work, I wandered on down to Amoeba and I got me some movies to watch because they are my favorite. I was thinking about how I needed new socks and stuff but instead I got the two movies you see there. I was also looking at Bushi no ichibun because it is amaze and I still haven’t purchased it.

I waste my money on movies I don’t need that are either anime or set in Feudal Japan. Why? IDEK. I just do. I am not trying to be a weeaboo or anything, I just like the stories and such. I did make a Katamari cosplay a long time ago so maybe that is weeaboo-ish but whatever. No one really knows my shame.

So there. Now it’s your turn to tell us what you spend your money on. I have to go pet Moo’s tum tum because she is making weird noises in her sleep and she like tummy rubs rubs.

What do you waste your money on?