Question of the Day: Did You Know It’s National Sibling Day?

Today is National Sibling Day. If you are like me, you had no idea that this was today. I don’t even know what I am supposed to do. Thank goodness for the internet. Mother Google says that I should give my sisters a call or get them a card. That would be nice but it’s too late and I am lazy. Instead, I will tell them things on Buzznet so that they can never read them but I can feel better about having sent them something via the ether.

So what do these gifs have to do with anything? WELL LET ME TELL YOU. Since none of us here knew that today was Sibling Day, let’s write some advice, a note, whatever we want to tell our brothers and sisters that we just haven’t had time to say to their pretty faces in the comments below. Easy, right? YES.

I mostly would just want to tell my sisters that they are awesome and pretty amazing moms and that I love them and that I want them to be happy. Oh and their kids are amazing and maybe we should all go to lunch and eat fries and have drinks or something adult-ish. Oh and I would give them all the hugs. Love you girls, you keep me young.

Things for you:

Do you have a favorite memory of your siblings? Are you and only child? Did you ever want a brother or sister? Do you get along with your brothers and/or sisters?

If you could say anything to any of your siblings, what would you say?

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