Question of the Day: I’m Ron Burgundy?

Well, not quite.

Good day to you, fellow Buzznets! I have no clever segue into whatever this QOTD is going to be about, so please to enjoy the above gif and party on.

Today is Earth Day, whatever that means. I think it’s like, the Earth’s version of Christmas, minus the gift wrap because that would be creating more trash that I’m sure would end up in one of the ocean’s trash gyres. UGH THAT IS SO DEPRESSING.

There are a lot of anniversaries going on today and most of them are sad. I legit had a moment of silence this morning after reading this post by Lolita Bently. It pretty much has all the stuff about today rolled up into it. You can go there and read it if you please. All these things are happening today and all I can think about is my hair.

I wish I were that fabulous 🙁

So let’s get to a question, shall we? There. That was a question. JKJK

Since it is Earth Day, let’s talk about that or something. I am not going to rub everyone’s faces into my vegan, bicycle riding, canvas bag instead of grocery bag lifestyle whicn means that my carbon whatever is like 2 or something. I should but I am too lazy to dig up links about all that stuff and I am also very tired and not really alert. Here are some things for you to answer:

  • Do you care about Earth Day at all? Y or N?
  • Do you do anything at all to have less of an impact on the planet?
  • What do you think people should do to help out the earth EVERYDAY?
  • If you could get rid of one bad, non earth friendly habit, what would it be?

That’s all I got. I feel like I showed up for a test at school without studying. BOO ME. Anyway, I love you all. Happy earth day and stuff. Answer the all the questions or whichever one(s) you like. The end. GO!

EDIT: According to Chaka + THE ENTIRE ENTERNET, Earth Day is on Sunday, 22 April. I am early and WRONG. Sorry!