The Question of the Day & Friday the 13th: Close Enough

I didn’t even know that today was Friday le 13th. When my brain woke up at 4 or whatever time that was, my face rolled onto my phone and I managed to see the calander date really closely with a half closed eye. That date kind of just makes laugh. I extra laughed silently to myself because I got some money in da bank, so how bad can this Friday be?

So here I am, wondering if I want to to talk about bullying (which I will) but if I do, I’ll just sound like a tool box because I actually beat my bullies up. Bullying is going to be your Question of the Day but we’ll get to that in a second. Right now, it r storytime (please see the above image).

We’ve been really sharing all the bully posts with you all this week, haven’t we? IDEK what has been happening but I will assume that it was for The Bully Project. I probably should pay more attention to the site that I work, amirite? I knew something was happening with all that so I guess I am:

As most of you know, I am big gay and maybe not so normal-ish (whatever that means). In high school, I used to dye my hair all the time (HAY DIP DYE), wear black lipstick and nail polish, and dressed like Taco Reznor because what else was there to do in the whack town that I came from? My friends and I used to listen to death metal, Millencolin, Skinny Puppy, and lots of other angry, misunderstood teenager music. We looked like we just won a shopping spree at Hot Topic or something. It was kind of sad but really fun at the same time.

I guess that made us targets for flying apples and trays of food, hate speech and whatever else you can throw like so many slings and arrows. That was fun I guess. Once, an apple hit my head and I picked it up and ate it. Then, someone called me a “fag” and I blew them kiss. I didn’t get any numbers. I think I got chased but I was a good runner so whatever. I kind of had fun with my bullies because they weren’t the brightest people and I didn’t really care.

One time, I was marching passed everyone in the hallway to my next class in a flurry of red hair and combat boots that were held together with duct tape. That’s what happens between classes. Behind the drab curtains that were my way too much peroxide bangs that covered my eyes, I could see THOSE KIDS standing at their locker.

One of them had the bright idea to trip me and since I was at the end of my rope from having been teased endlessly for x amount of years, I did something completely out of character: I GOT IN THEIR FACES. I grabbed one of the dudes by his shitty Ozzy Osborne t shirt and slammed his stupid ass into a locker in front of his other idiot friends. The only time I was ever that nervous was the first time I kissed this one dude on the mouth, but that’s another story.

Bully cat makes sure you get a square meal

I can’t remember what I said to dude as he twitched but I am pretty sure it was fun because he was all “WTF” and I remember me saying something like “Don’t f-ing touch me” or w/e. His friends kind of “disappeared” and I think I pee’d a little and then I went to class and told everyone and I was the hero of the day. They never said or did anything to us again.

Other than cry a lot, that was really the only thing I did that was noteworthy in HS. There was that time that I wrote a letter in Spanish to my Spanish teacher and the authorites got involved but that’s for another time.

Let’s talk about you now. If you’ve made it this far through this post, you’re a trooper and thanks for putting up with my endless retelling of this tale.

Have you ever been bullied? Did you ever bully anyone? How did you deal with it? Why did you do it? What happened? OMG TELL ME EVERYTHING. Tell us your story here in the comments. Go!