Photo Assignment: Spring Is In the Air

YOU GUISE; it’s spring! Pollen counts be damned! Tis time to venture outside and capture all the splendor in the grass that is the months before the sun’s wrath is upon us. What does pring mean to you?

Is spring a bunch of fluffy bunnies?


Is spring a chill day out on a lake?


Is spring the smell of the earth under your feet after a gentle rain?


Maybe spring is the blossoming of life.


Whatever spring is to you, go and capture it. Doodle it. Make it into a poem. Do anything you like. Whatever you do, just make sure that you add it to the Photo of the Day Group or let me know that you have caught spring by the heels and put it on Buzznet. You have until

12 April 2012

Round up will be the day after. Are you ready to party? Good. GO!