Patrick Dempsey Saves A Boy From Car Crash

Patrick Dempsey saves people’s lives all the time on Grey’s Anatomy (one of my favorite shows), but it seems as though he’s a hero in real life as well!

“McDreamy” witnessed a car crash right outside his Malibu home. TMZ reported that a teenage boy crashed his Mustang car around 5 PM on Tuesday. It suddenly overturned and landed right in front of Dempsey’s yard! He heroically ran out, grabbed a crowbar, and pryed the driver out of the wreckage.

Fortunately, the boy was able to get out of the car and survived with only a concussion as an injury. Patrick also called 911 and cops then came to the scene.

Um, can he get any more dreamier? This just makes me love him more! Great job Dempsey, you saved a life.

What do you think of the rescue?