So here at Bizarreland gardening is my summer hobby. Well it’s quite a job taking care of all my gardens I have at least 7 different gardens some big some small but all in need of being cared for. I thought the best way for you to see my handy work would be to post a photo blog !!! Since we are only in the beginning of spring nothing is really very pretty yet. So these photos are from previous summers. I hope you enjoy your trip though my Gardens …….

This was our first little pond / fountain, we have a new inground one now ……

Two of my pet Tarantula’s are buried in my yard ……

And a house for the ladybugs ……..

Of course the Chipmunks love to live here ……….

Here’s our new pond, last summer was the time to let it settle this year it’s time to build a waterfall and finish the stone border …….

Ozzy loves it here he gets some good food ……….

Two of my cat’s are buried in my yard BK and Babes, they have gravestones in another area but these two statues are in my garden to keep them close to my heart ……

Sharon always has fun here even if Ozzy doesn’t come along with her ……..

And probably the most important part of my Gardens are the SQUIRRELY’S that make me Laugh every day of the year 😀

So I hope you enjoyed my Gardens for that’s where I am anytime it’s nice out and I have time to play 😀

PS ….. Let’s not forget my wide variety of birds and insects !!! They make me happy to be alive : )