What To Wear To Coachella: Bags

It’s that time again pals. That time where people from all over the country gather in a field in the middle of the desert, all for one reason: to show off their awesome fashion. Oh also I guess to see some live music, and buy $20 hamburgers and $5 waters, but mostly for the clothes. Thus, we’re dedicating a series of “What To Wear” to a few different categories of items you can pack for your weekend in Indio.

Now we deal with BAGS. For those of you eyeing your super cute little clutch purse or the cross over bag that fits a stick of gum and some chapstick, forget it. Listen, you’re going to spend about ten to twelve hours in the middle of a field in the desert. Here the thing about the desert: it’s scorching hot during the day (allowing to wear your little shorts and crop tops, or if you listen to me, airy maxi dresses), but at night it’s cold. Cold enough that you need to pack a sizable sweater (and maybe even some leggings or tights) so that by the time Radiohead takes the stage, you’re not shivering like some junkie (there will be plenty of that around you already). So grab one of these roomy, comfy bags, and make sure you bring extra sunscreen.

Click through the gallery for some great bags, and let us know what you’re tossing in yours.


What To Wear To Coachella: Bags

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