Nightwish Concert: Review By My Daddy

I really wanna share with you, what my daddy just wrote in occasion of Nightwish concert of Wednesday, I think he wrote such amazing words and I really would like if you spend a few of minutes reading these lines…

Milan: April 25, 2012 Mediolanum Forum is full of people, already waiting outside the venue in the first hours of the morning for the only Italian date of Imaginaerum Tour of Nightwish. It’s been such a beautiful concert supported by a frame of crowd worthy of the great occasions.

Some thoughts on the members of the band, three years after the last performance.

Anette: she is really improved and especially “matured” with the voice. Secure, determinated, holds really good all the songs and “bring home” also the original and sweet acoustic version of “Nemo”

Emppu: a real guitar’s elf, he moves freely on the stage suggest himself in featuring with all the others, basic for the band, as usual he gives the 100%: a guarantee

Jukka: another constant of the band, he never reserves himself. A bundle of nerves and muscles that beat on the drums on and on and you ask yourself where he takes strength and energy. With his lungs with the drumsticks trembled also the second stands of the arena.

Tuomas: it’s difficult divert from his magnetic look also when he does his evolutions on the keyboards. He seems to keep a step back to the others and keeps aside instead he still and always is the “brain” of the band and I think he is a step forward and maybe more.

Marco: in this new album and tour, it’s been proposed him more space and he has taken it, in a great way! A very driving force inside and outside the stage, able to overwhelm anyone of every age, insomuch as is natural to say: “Marco Rules!”

These are only some thoughts or better reflections, not of an expert, but of a follower or a lover, a man who listens music for over 40 years and even though I closed at this genre not so much years ago, I think to have developed a good enough ears to make me understand the soundness of what I listen.