Miley Cyrus’ Denim Shorts & Black Blouse: Hot Or Not?

It seems Miley Cyrus is out and about a lot these days and every day her outfits just get hotter and hotter. After an unfortunate trip to the emergency room following a cut on her finger, Miley is out shopping with a gal pal and looks quite happy! Some media websites were saying how she wore these high-waisted short denim shorts in order to distract the attention from her finger and others were calling it “skimpy.” In my opinion, these shorts are no where as skimpy as what some other people wear! These are uber cute and I absolutely love the way she paired them with lace up black boots and the black blouse. She also wore a loose cape on over her blouse, even nicer! I like this outfit a lot and I think it’s one of her better ones!

What do you think? Hot or Not?