PHOTO DIARY: London & Paris

I’m home!!

As expected, I really really love London. The grey weather and the old buildings and the red phone booths, it’s all so magical! (I liked it so much, in fact, that one of the songs I wrote when I was in the studio there ended up being called London Town.) Other highlights include seeing myself in a magazine at a newsstand, shopping in every possible corner of the city, and eating dinner at the table across from Geri Halliwell, because why wouldn’t you see your 1st or 2nd favorite Spice Girl (depending on your mood) the one time you go to England?

We also stopped in Paris for a couple days, where I climbed the Eiffel Tower, got scolded at the Louvre for wearing a lace shirt to a museum (“this isn’t a beach”), and had a little too much fun with French macaroons, as you will see if you venture further.

I love so many things about French culture, but as it were, despite all the French phrases I tried to learn and cultural norms I studied beforehand, my moderately irreverent ways were not taken kindly to in Paris. It got a little tiring, but it was very beautiful and I did have a lovely time and I fully intend to return okay shut up already check out the photos!