Get To Know: Eklipse

I think at least, everyone of you, knows how much important is music for me and how I respect it and how much dedication I put in it: writing about, going at concerts, collecting cds and more…

What I love the most about music is that it can speak also without words, I wanna remind that music was born as instrumental form and after arrived the first chants but for such a long period there was no musical notiation and everything was transmitted in oral form.

Leaving apart music history, I always loved to discover new artists of each genre, I always had this passion and I always liked read about who I listen and get some infos about their life, their passions and how they getting closer to the music.

The last artists I had the pleasure to discover are four beautiful ladies, from Germany, called: EKLIPSE.

They are the supporter for the Nightwish “Imaginaerum European Tour” and I have to say they really rock the stage!

Their peculiarity is to play covers of different songs of any genre in an original key: with strings (two violins, a viola and a cello) and what also immediately catch the attention is their gothic look full of black clothes, lace, amazing haircuts and accessories.

The first thing someone can think is they are a metal or gothic band because of the look but they can be defined a mix between pop, rock and classic. There are cover of pop songs like “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga or r’n’b ones like “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake.

I think that sometimes define an artist or a band in a genre is reductive! Music speaks, doesn’t matter which genre it is! Personally I love them a lot and I wanna get their album, it inspires me a lot!

I hope to see them again soon!

First violin. In real life as well as in music. The first and last word. Young, outrageously sexy, and well aware of it. The last one standing at the end of the night. On the clouds or in chains, never in-between. Bloody fingers and discipline to the point of unconsciousness.

Violin. Secret service father, ice skating mother, childhood in transit. Speaks Russian, Dutch, German, but nary a word too many, it could give the game away. Lovers come and go, the eye is never revealed. Conservatory in Holland, rigorous training, the most beautiful creature of the night, a double life. Deep passion, ice cold Scarlett.

Viola. Romantic warrior. In search of the higher order and lowest anchor. Trained by mother, perfected in long nights. Father a sculptor. Love is the last resort, only music matters.

Cello. The instrument as a pure, lascivious symbol, the mastery of which is a deep act of satisfaction. Perfect pitch, musical parents, plays every instrument, loves cello because it kills her. Infinite talent, doesn’t speak, unless in a whisper. Music comes to her, in the sheets rather than in the rehearsal room.

For more infos, check out their FB official page

If you want buy their album “A Night In Strings”, check it out on iTunes or on Amazon

Anyone of you already knows Eklipse?

What do you think about their music?

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