11 Down To Earth Dresses For Earth Day

If y’all didn’t know, Earth Day is coming up (to be exact, it’s this Sunday), and since you are living on Earth after all, why not pay a little homage to this day by wearing some fun, flowy frocks to celebrate?

Since Earth Day was introduced during the hippie era, we thought these loose silhouette dresses would be the perfect picks for you and your girlfriends to wear. Oh, if you haven’t noticed, these dresses don’t need to be green for Green Day!

And, where exactly can you wear to these earthy dresses? Celebrate Earth Day in style by throwing a day soiree, serve some mangolicious dacquiris (non-alcoholic of course), sing some Earth-friendly songs (may we recommend some Alanis Morissette?)

Scroll through the gallery below and let us know which earthy dress captivated your heart!


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