Introducing: The Buzzmakers Module

Today is a big day on Buzznet. Not only did we unveil Buzznet Rewards, we now have a new way for you to see the latest posts from your favorite Buzzmakers. Whenever you visit any Buzzmaker’s profile, you will see these fancy new icons in their header:

Those icons let you know that the page you are on belongs to a Buzzmaker.

On our homepage, there is now an area for you to check out the latest posts from our Buzzmakers:

At the bottom of that module, you can see an area that says “See All.” If you click the “See All” link right there, guess where you’ll go? That will take you to a page that has all our Buzzmakers so that you can add them and catch up on the latest buzz.

Go and check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below. Go forth and B U Z Z !