Interview With Lead Singer Of Newsboys, Michael Tait: Tour, New Album And More

The Newsboys have become a household name in the Christian Rock world. With 28 number one hits, Grammy nominations and a spot on the ‘Winter Jam Tour’ 2011 ( Biggest tour in the world). These guys surely know how this industry works. I chatted with frontman and newcomer Michael Tait about the bands crazy success.

G:What’s it like being apart of the Newsboys?

MT: It’s basically having a band of guys around you that are like my brothers. They have the same goal and focus to reach people, musically.

G: You guys have had so much success over the course of this musical journey, What are you hoping to as band cross of your bucket list?

MT: My goal is to never let the Newsboys down. But defintley going platinum. Then probably books, movies.

G: I’am loving “Gods not dead”, your latest single. The video is done so beautifully and so true and honest. How did you guys come up with the concept?

MT: Thank you! We had a lot of talks about the concept of people talking in coffee shops. They would be discussing,if god was alive would he be dead or what would happen if his believers saw that he was a myth. So that was the whole visual concept of the video. The song for us was a story that needed to be told .

G: You guys are currently on tour, how’s the road treating you. (Side note:Their bus broke down the night before)

MT: Oh Boy! It’s really a tough life but you have to have the call for it, especially when somedays you wake up and you don’t want to be a rockstar. But when you hit that stage,It’s good. The downside is you have to ride in a bus with 15 guys who have smelly socks and such.

G: What can people expect coming to one of your shows?

MT: Newsboys shows are spectacular! It’s Not just a show, its an experience. It’s like the MTV Music Awards mixed with a gospel baptist church experience.

G: What is the your favorite part of the show that you fangirl over?

MT: Probably “Born Again”, “Jesus Freak” and “God’s Not Dead”.

G: What is one song that you suggest people check out, who might of never heard of you guys?

MT: Off the new album, “Gods Not Dead” and “The King Is Coming”. But overall “Born Again”

G: Tell us about your new record!

MT: Well the Newsboys have always been a rock worship record. This record is surely worship, but its not out of Newsboys character. It has its upbeat and slow rock moments to it as well.

G: Are you guys guys working on a new record?

MT: Always writing new music!

G: What is coming up next for the Newsboys in 2012?

MT: Oh boy! Summertime shows. We’re headling some festivals. Then in the fall we’re heading out on the road with Building 429 and were looking forward to that.

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