How I feel…..

Sometimes I don’t know who I am…. don’t worry I’m not crazy. But thoughts are so big like for me.

I have two types of my thoughts:

  1. Everything is good- when I feel it I’m so happy… that I need to fly… lol Being butterflies isn’t possible… but maybe in second life I was a butterfly… who knows….
  2. Everything must to be worse- this is a normal… always I feel it because life is so unfair… I can’t be so happy like you and have a normal life, I can to be only the shadow on your wall….

Right now I learning… what I can to do??? learning, learning, learning…. but I’ll not remember next day what I learned… my underweight too much accting for it… I can to learn all time but I’ll not remember next day, even for a few hours…. this is so crazy but this is me…

And I’m here…. I feel so alone and unwanted… I want to so much talk with someone and receive free hug… I didn’t receive hugs in my life and I feel that I need it.

I go in this weekend to technical school…. I don;t want because I need take some relax… Saturday 8 a.m. -5.45 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m.-3.15 p.m.

If weekend can to look worse??? For sure… YES!!!!!!

One good thing which met me today: I saw in my city premier of CHINA… yeah, he was today in my city… it was only a seconds…..

I don’t know if someone read it but I love you so much.

Many love and light,



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