Horrible Start To My Day!

So this morning I did a very stupid thing. I forgot that it was Good Friday here and that basically all schools were closed – including universities and the one that I go to – University of Toronto.

Anyway, so I wake up at 10, get ready and leave by 11. It takes me about an hour to get to campus. On the way there, there’s barely anyone on the bus, it’s just me and like three other people. That’s when I first thought something was very wrong. When the bus finally did stop in front of my school, I got off and things looked weird. I kept walking and basically it was just SO QUIET. This is basically how the scene looked like:

I was the ONLY one walking there. I quickly called my friend and when I told her the scene, she just burst out laughing. Sigh, I turned back and called my dad to pick me up, by the time he finished laughing as well, he said to just take the bus back. So that’s TWO HOURS riding the bus. What a waste of a morning, seriously. I was also a little scared because my school has a history of a psycho (Paul Bernardo, you may have heard of him – google him) and I totally felt like I might get raped in day sunight.

But anyway, I got out of there as soon as I could and headed home. The sad part of all this is that this wasn’t the first time. Just around Christmas, I went to work on the day OF christmas. Sigh.

Just needed to rant and get that out there.