Harry Styles Caught Kissing Model Emma Ostilly

Harry Styles from One Direction is no stranger when it comes to girls and there have been a lot of rumors as to who he’s been dating. He was turned down by a reporter just last week and just talked about how he was eyeing Taylor Swift! But now, there is proof that he just may have found his new girl!

Harry Styles met model Emma Ostilly on the set of One Direction’s music video “Gotta Be You.” It had been previously rumored that they may have had a thing, but now, while Harry was in town, they have shared two romantic late-night dates. On Thursday, he took Emma out and dropped her off at her doorstep at around 1:20 AM before giving her a goodnight kiss. The star even posted a picture of him and Emma out and about as you can see above.

Then last night, she sneaked into Harry’s hotel after their gig in Auckland, New Zealand.

An insider who saw them in one of the city bars said, “They really seemed to have a ­connection and only had eyes for each other.

The person went on to say, “They were enjoying themselves, laughing and joking together. They seemed very happy and relaxed and you could tell they have a history together. The pictures show they are still close.

Aw, that is so cute! I’m glad Harry has time to spend with a girl considering his busy schedule. I hope Emma isn’t attacked or receives any death threats by Directioners to leave Harry alone like Zayn Malik’s crush Anna Crotti did!

What do you think of Harry and Emma? Do you think she is his new girlfriend or could it have just been a reunion fling?