MAGNIFICENT ART: Handmade Laces from Koniaków

I’m not too big fan of the fashion but I’m a little girl and I love it. In this week I want to show something from my country. I think about handmade laces from Koniaków. They are making more than 150 years and still so popular and fantastic.

“A real fame was brought to Koniakow by lace table clothes. Oval or round made with unusual patience and skills table clothes, serviettes and runers reached royal tables of kings, aristocrats, bishops and all those having some money to spend and desire to live surrounded by splendor and beauty.

Koniakow laces are handmade of cotton threads, using motives brought from fields and forest. Nobody knew better than Koniakow women that if they will be only able to make a poor copies of Mother Nature creations, that will be seen as an art in eyes of those, to whom a privilege to admire them will be given.”


Do you think about laces from Koniaków?? Go to see gallery 🙂

P.S. I’m not owner these photos.