How To Get Guys To Like You

I know it sounds cheesy, but seriously, it’s one of the questions you guys email me about the MOST! How can I get someone to notice me, like me, love me, kiss me. I am a believer in the right person and the right time, but it’s also good to know a few rules about confidence, limits and even food!

Also remember that, being yourself is always best. Take these rules and put them along side some self-confidence and a giant smile, and you will be unstoppable. Promise.

Also, there are alot of ways to get attention from someone and I wanted to just be a “mom” and give you advice that attention and love are not the same thing. We see it all the time in the media. It’s super easy for people to grab our attention…(for example, Melody exposing her nipples at the ELLE party to get press) so sure: go stand in front of a guy naked and make promises to sleep with him. He will most likely “act” like he likes you, but he won’t actually care about you or respect you. I just want eveyone to know the difference. It’s always been a flaw of mine to determine what people’s true intentions are and I just hope that my stories, and blogs, and life can help you avoid some of the heartache that I found in learning these lessons.

Love you guys.

I’d love to know what you think below, and have been chatting with lots of you on here- leave me a comment. xx

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