Grey’s Anatomy Recap: “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

I know you’re probably wondering, “WHY IS THIS GIRL WRITING A RECAP ON GREY’S ANATOMY? I mean like who watches that anymore?

But honey, this show is stll the bomb. If you do love Grey’s Anatomy like I do then right here I have the recap of the episode that was on tonight (April 5th) called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Interesting title, right? This is no metaphor or anything complicated. There is actually a lion involved in this episode! That’s a new one, the writers just have very imaginative minds, I tell ya!

I’m not going to get into the details of this episode too much, but I will tell you what made me laugh AND cry!

First of all, Alex was a total douchebag to that intern when she had to make a decision about whether she should have her baby die a natural death or have the surgery and have a horrendous and abnormal future. She wanted Alex to help her make the decision because they have become so close, but Alex who basically ruins every good possible relationship that comes his way ignored all her calls and said it is all up to her, not him. Although I get that he was doing his job as a docter and what-not, he could have done it nicer, sheesh!

Now that I got that over with, on to the lion part. Well you see in this episode, there was a crazy lady who had kept a lion in her apartment as a “pet.” Unfortunately she had not told her boyfriend about it so when he saw it in the backyard and saw it coming towards his girlfriend he attacked the lion before it could attack his crazy girlfriend. Um yeah, pretty crazy, huh? I mean how can someone be so stupid? Why the hell would that girl even have a lion as a pet? Sigh… Anyway, the lion basically bites both of them and severely injures them and that’s how they end up at Seattle Grace. The lion also did some other damage when an elderly couple saw it up close and the man had a heart attack and was also sent to the hospital.

Basically, the crazy couple survive but break up because a) the girl thinks it’s her bf’s fault that animal control had to take her lion away and b) the guy thinks he’s a knight in shining armor/hero (sigh) and she doesn’t understand that!

Unfortunately, it’s not so good news for the eldery couple 🙁 Dr. Altman promises the wife (Emma) that she will make sure her husband comes out of the surgery alive and well, and she fulfills it. Go Teddy! Now, the sad part? When she goes to inform her, she finds her on the bench with her head on the side thinking she’s asleep but after numerous attempts trying to wake her, she does not wake up. So, the wife died. And the hardest part was when she had to tell her husband she died right after he had a very successful surgery. WHY DO YOU MAKE ME GO THROUGH THIS PAIN GREY’S ANATOMY WRITERS? :'( This actually turns out to be a very emotional experience for Teddy too as she also comes to terms with the fact that is now a widow.

Moving on, Owen and Christina are still not speaking after Owen told her he cheated on her by having sex with someone else, and he speaks of this with Meredith who didn’t even know about it (obviously Christina didn’t want her to know) and was shocked to hear that! She avoids Owen and is outraged. Near the end of the episode, she also makes Derek promises her that he would never cheat on her.

On another storyline, Callie and Arizona (the lesbians) find out about past exes, and Callie is basically shocked at how many exes Arizona has had in the past that she’s worked with without knowing. But don’t worry Carizona fans because they have hot lesbian sex in the end! (Anyone else liked Callie’s pink bra?)

Lexie also overheads Mark’s discussion with Derek about moving in with his girlfriend Julia, of course being the Lexie she is, gets jealous. It’s so annoying, I mean if you still love him, just tell him already! That’s what Derek suggests too and in the end when they are in the elevator together, it’s what I thought she would do, but of course she chickens out.


Owen comes home and Christina’s eating her cereal or porridge or whatever she’s eating. Owen takes out the food he brought and they eat in silence. Very very awkward. I was just waiting for one of them to say something and I never saw this coming:

Christina throws the cereal/porridge right at Owen’s face. Like BAM! Face shot! I just started laughing so hard. Although it was supposed to be a moment of intensity where Christina lets out her anger, it was just too hilarious. This is why I love Christina <3 And that’s where it ends, ladies and gents!

Oh oh oh, one more thing! Richard also adds the lion’s tooth that he finds inside the patient’s body and adds it to his cool collection! How awesome is that?

Hope you enjoyed that and watch the episode if you haven’t already cause obviously it’s better watching it first and then reading this! Until next week, ta-ta!