Good Morning Mr. Breakfast: A Buzznet Photo Assignment

A few days ago, our friend JaneBecame posted a most fun photo of some brekkie that her and her family nom’d one day. It was glorious and it looked like this:


In true Buzznet fashion, we all started to talk about food because well, that’s just what we do here. We’ve done many food themed projects here on Buzznet and I can’t name them all because my brain is falling apart. A more recent project was the Storyteller Food Round Up. It was delicious.

Mostly we talk about different types of foods but none of us think that there’s been a Breakfast specific project. That’s what this week’s project is for: Good Morning Mr. Breakfast

This week’s task is to take a photo, blog, draw, or whatever you want to talk about BREAKFAST. Easy peasy, y/y? Need some ideas? Take a gander at these:

KotiKiller had cookies for breakfast:

RatherRosie had a healthy breakfast:

Are you up to Buzznet’s Breakfast Challenge? Can you handle all the syrup and toast that is about to come your way? I think you can. I also can’t wait to see what you all will come up with.


  • Take a photo, draw, blog, vlog, w/e about your breakfast
  • You decide what your brekkie is. We will just look 🙂
  • Add your photos to the POTD Group or drop me a note
  • All entries due on 26 April 2012
  • Round up the day after.

Are you ready? Yes. Yes you are. Go!