Glee Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Episode

ZOMG GUYS! GLEE’S BACK! Tonight’s episode was pretty awesome, but that was mostly because of the brotherly feud between Blaine (Darren Criss) and his famous brother Cooper Anderson (Matt Bomer). Did anyone else think of Anderson Cooper when you heard his name? Just a thought!

Since the last episode left us with such a cliffhanger (Quinn getting into an accident), I thought the episode would start with Quinn in the hospital or something, but nope! If you thought Artie was going to be the only character we will ever see in a wheelchair on Glee, you thought wrong! Quinn is now in a wheelchair ladies and gents! Crazy, right?! The message we are supposed to be getting here is “DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE” PEOPLE. Because you could possibly end up in a wheelchair. Throughout the episode, Quinn and Artie bond as he shows her how to get used to being in a wheelchair by showing her how to roll up school ramps and taking her out on a day of fun for Senior Ditch Day! However Quinn does not believe that she will be in this wheelchair forever and thinks it’s only a matter of time (Nationals!) before she’s up on her feet again.

Now for the excting part!! We get to meet Blaine’s brother this episode: Cooper Anderson! And boy, is he HOT. Throughout the episode, Blaine is jealous, or rather really hates how his brother is so cocky and everyone in his school loves him. Basically, he’s the little brother trying to get out of his big brother’s shadow. True, Cooper is pretty stuck up and cocky but I think his good looks make up for it. Because of Blaine’s anger, we get two great songs out of him! First, a cover of “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera and then one at the end with his big brother “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye. Oh and just a note on Blaine’s first cover: who else thought the shirtless scenes were too short!? 🙁 I was also really looking forward to the last cover, and I absolutely LOVED IT. Blaine killed both songs, but especially the song by Gotye, both him and Cooper were amazing. It definitely lived up to my expectations and I couldn’t have thought of a better person to sing the song. In the end, both brothers hug and make up, aweee! Anyone else think it wasn’t a coincidence that this episode was on the day of “National Siblings Day.” I think not.

Meanwhile Sue has an appointment with the doctor to find out the sex of her baby. Mr. Shue and Emma go with her for moral support and the doctor tells her that she will be having a baby girl, however she will not be normal. I kinda saw this coming, I mean come on, you’re having a baby at such an old age, there’s bound to be a problem with it.

In the end Finn FINALLY decides to take his future into consideration and talk to Rachel about possibly moving to California. Rachel gets all emotional and says that she does not want to get into Hollywood and being in Broadway is her dream. Finn fights back and says that she is only thinking abou herself and ask herself if she “really loves him or the person she wants him to be.”