Fashion Must Haves: Earth Day Edition

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than scoping some amazing Vegan Fashion Must Haves?Eco-Friendly does not have to be brown and boring.

Here are some excellent examples of the art of this feel good fashion:

U-Neck Mini by Titania Inglis

This quad-toned mini is perfect for a night on the town with your girls or a night in with your boyfriend. You can play it up or dress is down and always make a fashionable entrance. Available at:

Polka-Dot Button Down by Carrie Parry

As so noticible from the photo, this slightly sheer and wonderful black and while polka dot button down top is as versatile as it is entertaining to the eye. Pair it with a solid vibrant color for an amazing statement look. Available at:

Tissue Cashmere Shawl by M.Patmos

Handmade in Nepal, this playful accessory comes in four double hand dipped colors for ultimate Spring coordinating. Available at:

Gaia Print Top by Elroy

This racy print top comes in Oasis or River (pictured) pattern and screams one thing: Let’s Go Out Tonight!Perfect for those nights where you feel like dancing until the sun comes up. Available at:

Let’s face it, we all love shopping- but doesn’t it feel so much rewarding when you know you’re shopping Earth friendly?

What are some of your favorite Eco-Friendly clothing/accessory lines?