What To Expect In Next Week’s Episode Of ‘Vampire Diaries’

Are you a Delena fan like me? YES!? Then you’re sure to enjoy a scene between Damon and Elena in next week’s episode titled “Heart Of Darkness.” In this episode, Damon and Elena takes a road trip together (is it me or are road trips a thing in TVD?) to visit Jeremy in Denver. Zap2It caught up with writer Julie Plec to spill some details about this scene. She said, “You know, there’s a motel. There’s some bourbon. There’s a little naked shirtlessness, and an epic, epic song moment.” Ohh, sounds real nice. Get ready Delena fans!

Guess who else spoke a little about this scene? Ian Somerhalder (Damon) himself! He says, “I think that Elena is extremely confused, but she’s being very honest about it. She’s extremely honest about her feelings for Damon and she’s extremely honest about her feelings for Stefan. I think that her seeking out the way she feels about either one of them, where her heart ultimately needs to be and how it all works is going to make for some really good story telling. I know that the season finale, the relationship between the two of them, you see how much Damon cares about her.” – Basically, expect some great Delena scenes, fans!

At Mystic Falls, there is a tradition for a Decade Dance every year and this year’s will take us all the way back to the 1920s. After the trip with Damon, Caroline convinces Elena to invite Stefan to the dance. Unlike other dances where Elena and Damon share a dance, this time it’s with Stefan. That’s because Damon is away saving his best friend Alaric (best bromance ever)! But don’t worry Damon fans because he will be crashing the party! Another person crashing, well not exactly crashing, but attending this dance will be Tyler! Yay, he’s back! He is determined to win Caroline over, and they are happily dancing as you can see in the stills, however when Klaus steps in, things get complicated, as Klaus too has a thing for Caroline.

The good news is though, Bonnie seems to be pretty happy dancing away after being so sad for a few episodes! Oh wait, that doesn’t sound normal. Right. When Damon arrives at the dance, he needs help with a dangerous spell, and he needs Bonnie for that. And things don’t end very well, which is maybe why Elena is crying in the arms of Stefan? Or maybe not. When an interviewer asked Julie Plec about the still, she answered “It’s an ‘a lot has happened in our lives, a lot has torn us apart’ cry. A lot has gone down on the evening of the decade dance, and it’s two people who really just need to hold each other. They need to feel something with each other. It’s a beautiful moment, but it is sad. That’s a very sad episode.”

Oh and remember, death at the decade dance is also a tradition.

I’m SO excited! I hope you are too. I can’t wait. Two weeks of no Vampire Diaries has been horrible for me.

Are you excited for next week’s episode? What are you looking forward to the most?