The Evolution Of Perez Hilton

Remember when Perez was mean? I can barely remember. Hate him, or Love him- one thing is for sure, Perez is a clear reminder that people who want to, can change. That we are all on our own journey, and that we all learn, grow and become better as we age. I love that Perez found some fault in his old ways and has adopted a kinder way of covering celebrity news, I love that he loves his dog (I love my dog) I love that he has shown that with hard work and determination you can reinvent your own body.

I find him pretty inspiring.

More than that, I love that the old Perez LOVED a costume. Everytime I go to an event, I think of it as a costume, and he has had some amazing looks over the years. Let’s all sit back and take a peak at the evolution of one of my favorite bloggers… p-hizzle.


PS. what do you think of each look, comment below!