Evanna Lynch To Play Britney Spears?

As Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, Evanna Lynch has become a star in her own right. But now that the beloved franchise of the boy-wizard has come to a close, Evanna’s been looking toward the future and putting out what her dream role is. What is Evanna’s dream role? To play Britney Spears in a biopic!

Evanna has said:

“People laugh when I say this but I would love to play Britney Spears in a movie. She’s complicated and I just relate to her. There are so many pop stars out there at the moment and I just think they’ve just got their image thing so planned to a T. Say, Lady Gaga, I like her and I like her music but I don’t relate to her because she has this image and she’s weird and perfect, whereas Britney is rich and cool and beautiful, but has also shown her vulnerable side and had a breakdown in front of the whole world. That takes strength and bravery to do that. I just think she’s more complicated than people think. Also, I think career wise it would be a big departure from Luna. And I love dance!”

Rad! We’d love to see Evanna take on Britney’s Southern drawl as well as her dance moves!

Do you think Evanna Lynch would make a good Britney Spears? Who would you want to play Britney in a movie?