EARTH DAY CONTEST! Win A Pair of Eco-Friendly Marc By Marc Jacobs Sunglasses!

Earth Day is the perfect time to get in touch with nature: sit in the grass, run your fingers over the plants, bask in Mother Nature’s goodness and splendor. It’s also a great time to shop! (Just trust me on this one). Look, you’re going to need a pair of shades while you’re out basking in the warm hug of the holy sun, so why not do the world a solid and buy a pair that cares as much about the environment as you do? (Frankly, it probably cares more since you definitely don’t recycle as much as you should. We know, don’t lie).

These Marc by Marc Jacobs 261/s sunglases are bio-based, made from stuff that was derived from castor-oil seeds (NEXT LEVEL). The case is made from repurposed leather, and Marc Jacobs is a company well known for its commitment to supporting The Nature Conservancy, the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters, through a newly created “PLANT A SEED – GROW YOUR TREE AND SAVE THE FOREST” program. So cool right??? So when you buy these glasses you are not only getting some awesome eyewear, you are helping to protect and restore the the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, one of the world’s most endangered tropical forests.

You can buy these beautiful chocolate-colored frames with leaf textured temples (SUPER NATURE-Y) at Solstice Sunglasses for $140.00 (plus cost of helping save the world: priceless).

You can also enter to WIN these glasses right here on good old Buzznet! Simply leave a comment below (make sure you have a Buzznet account, otherwise it doesn’t count) telling us what you do in your every day life to help save the environment, and why it’s important to you. We’ll pick a winner on 4/27.

So to recap:

1. Make sure you have a Buzznet account.

2. Leave a comment on this post answering these questions:

a) What do you do in your every day life to help save the environment?

b) Why is the environment important to you?

3. Sit and wait (preferably in nature) for 4/27. We will contact the winner via Buzznet message.

And now click here for THE RULES.