Coachella Day 1: The Magic Music Kingdom

Well, kids, we are at Coachella, enjoying every moment in the hot desert sun! We have been dancing to live music, drinking tons of water and taking in the breathtaking backdrop of Indio, California.

To be honest, I have been to more Warped Tours than I can keep track of, but Coachella is an entirely different animal. To set the stage, imagine a huge open field, six stages, a giant Ferris wheel, massive art installations that look like they belong at LACMA, with palm trees and just the hint of mountians in the distance for good measure. Now imagine you are listening to your favorite band in this charming environment — rad. And at night everything lights up with vibrant colors. Have you ever seen a purple palm tree? I have.

The world that Coachella creates sets it apart from any other music festival I have ever experienced, and I fell in love with it the moment our day started. Coachella has also been an “ear opening” experience for me; exposing me to new types of music I never thought I would enjoy. Some new artists I am digging are Yuck, The Rapture, GIRLS and Pulp (photo below). All worth a Google search.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to catch The Dear Hunter, Neon Indian, Arctic Monkeys, Grouplove, M83, The Black Keys, Mazzy Star, Refused, and lastly Swedish House Mafia. Grouplove was one of my favorites of the day; their set was so fun and the crowd just erupted when they went into “Tongue Tied”. Another highlight for me was seeing Refused live; Dennis Lyxsen is like a mix between Adam Lazzara and Mick Jagger when he performs! Amazing.

Today is another big day of acts but, I am looking forward to Radiohead and The Shins the most! AHHHH!! Time to get ready and head to the magical fields of Coachella. Here we go again! #musicrules

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Would you ever go to Coachella?