Buzznet Rewards: Do More, Get More

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Over the passed few weeks (well, let’s not get into how long this actually took), we here at Buzznet have been working on something to reward you for being some of the best people on the entire internet. You all do so much on the site and we figured that it was high time to give you a little something in return. What is this exactly? It’s called Buzznet Rewards.

Buzznet Rewards is basically a game that the entire site can take part in. It’s our new system that rewards our most loyal fans. Not only can you unlock badges for buzzing, sharing, and doing tons of other stuff on the site, you can also be entered into special monthly giveaways by playing along. That’s right, turning on Rewards is completely up to you. You don’t have to do it but if you don’t, you’re missing out on some serious fun.

You can earn badges on all the things you love

For each of our sections on Buzznet (think Music, Fashion, Photos, Entertainment), we have badges. The more you post, comment, buzz, share, and so on in each section, the more badges you get. You can also get multiple badges for all the sections you contribute to.

Rewards, Missions, and the Buzzmob

Once you decide to turn join Buzznet Rewards, you can join the Buzzmob to take part in special missions to win special prizes. If you are already in the Buzzmob, you have nothing to worry about. Just stay tuned for the missions that we will let you all know about as they come up. You will not have to re-do the Buzzmob Questionnaire (remember that? YOU DO!). If you are new to the Buzzmob, we will have directions on how you earn yourself the Buzzmob badge, so check it out: The Buzzmob

One of the reasons that the Buzzmob has been sleeping for the last few years was because we didn’t have a way to keep track of all the mission points you all would earn for doing things. With Rewards, your scores will be kept automatically and we will be able to see who does what in the Buzzmob.

We haven’t come up with any missions right now but once we do, the Buzzmob will be the first to know. You also don’t have to join the Buzzmob to take part in this. We are just going to use that group for missions and what not. You can still earn badges and points and other prizes just for keeping your Rewards on.

How to Opt Out of Buzznet Rewards:

All you have to do is go to your Privacy Settings and check the box to opt out of Buzznet Rewards.

Happy badge-ing! Is that even a word? Anyway, GO!

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