BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: The Rocket Summer’s New Album Art First Look!

We’re longtime fans of The Rocket Summer and are eagerly awaiting the June 5th release of “LIFE WILL WRITE THE WORDS.” As we count down the days until we have the full album filling our ears with musical goodness, Bryce Avary was kind enough to give Buzznet an exclusive first look at the album artwork. So awesome!!

We’re loving the album art and Bryce explains why, LWWTW is so special to him.

“I really wanted to push myself musically and lyrically with this album, searching to pull out the stories within and around me,” explains Bryce. “I like to write songs that are an honest reflection of what’s going on in my life and in my mind while I observe and attempt to learn more about myself and this beautiful, intense world we live in.”

And one last thing, as a special treat to tide your musical appetite while waiting for LWWTW you can download an exclusive LIVE album from The Rocket Summer’s acoustic tour last year! Click HERE to get it!

Do you love the album art as much as us? Are you excited for LWWTW? Let us know in the comments!