Buzznet Exclusive Q&A: Andrew Bisante

Hey my loves,

Since I know you all like to be entertained, I wanted to make sure you got to know my extremely talented friend Andrew Bisante first hand.This kid is someone who I came across randomly on multiple social Media sites back in our Myspace/Stickam days :x. I for some reason have always found a way to stay in touch with him because I have known from day 1 this kid was a go getter and would be someone who was around for a very long time. Well, I was right, he sure has accomplished a lot in the past few years ranging from being a Youtube phenomenon to a Clothing line, touring with Abandon All Ships and more recently making his own music!!! Now it’s time for you all to check him out, be prepared to swoon 🙂

BH: You have kinda found a way to do everything industry related from making music, touring, making a clothing line and becoming a well known internet personality…how did this all begin??

AB: Well, I’ve always been involved with music. I started playing drums when I was 12 in a little band and from then on I knew I wanted to be involved in the music scene. I started making videos on youtube when I was about 15 and I had no viewers, but I kept at it and around the age of 17-18 I had around 40k subscribers. It’s amazing what youtube can do for people.

BH: If you were able to get advice from anyone famous in the music industry who has passed away who would you choose?

AB: Biggie Smalls…. or Big L… Although their music is completely different from mine, they just seemed like they would be legit to hang out with.

BH: What is your goal for 2012?

AB: My goal for 2012 is probably to get signed to a record label.

BH: You are more so focusing on being a musician now, what made you decide to make this transition?

AB: Well, I’ve always considered myself a musician, it just took me a while to actually write music. I’ve always dabbled on guitar and like I said earlier I’ve been playing drums since I was 12. Making music feels natural to me and I absolutely love it.

BH: Do you plan to do this on your own as well or would you ideally want to be signed to a label?

AB: Ideally I’d like to be signed to a label only because they make it easier to tour. I really like doing it independently but being signed would really help me out.

BH: How would you describe your music to people who have never heard it before?

AB: Soft acoustic music with some percussion and keys. Something you can fall asleep too, or just jam out to and relax.

BH: If you could have chosen any song from 2012 so far to have written what song would you pick?

AB: Probably “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. That song is really catchy and everyone seems to be in love with it haha.

BH: What would your dream tour be like?

AB: I would really like to tour with NeverShoutNever, a lot of people say we have some similarities. I also would like to tour with Anthony Green and Kurt Travis, their music really inspires me and I feel like it’d be a great tour!

BH: It is very obvious that you have an entertaining personality but do you have any HIDDEN talents?

AB: I am really good at hitting harmonies in songs. It’s funny, whenever I’m in the car I’ll put songs on and just sing to them in harmonies. Sometimes I forget the actual songs original note and sing it in harmony. My friends are always in shock hahaha.

BH: What is the craziest memory you have of being on the road?

AB: As gross as this sounds, not showering. I went about a week and a half without water touching my body. It was honestly the worst thing ever, but at the same time like a lot of people would say “TOURLIFE” haha.

BH: If you could be a super hero what would your name be and what would your super powers be?

AB: My name would probably be “Bizzy” and my super power would be to fly. I love flying.

BH: Write up a little catchy line to a song you’d write to all of the people reading this!

AB: Thank you, for reading this, I promise, I’ll give you all, a nice kiss………. (Awkward…).

Well there it is folks, I already know you love him now but be sure to keep up to date with Andrew on Twitter so you can hopefully be in the crowd at one of his shows in the near future 😉

xo Brittany Lee