Buzznet Exclusive: The Maine Pre-Tour Interview

The boys of The Maine are getting ready to head out on their own headlining tour of the US and Canada; so we had Pat Kirch fills us in on some touring tips and tricks.

Check out what he always brings on tour, what fans can expect from their new music and some personal photos from their recent stint in Australia with New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday.

What are three personal items you always take on tour?

PAT- My phone, computer, and baby wipes

What song of Pioneer is your favorite to play live?

PAT- I like when we play thinking of you. It is different than anything we have done before and I think that comes across really well in a live show.

What has changed the most about touring now verses 5 years ago?

PAT- I guess just having more experience has made us realize how things work but I do not really feel like much has changed it is still about the show. The entire day is spent getting ready for the show and making rue that the hour and a half on stage runs as smoothly as possible. Strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the road?

PAT- People.

Most memorable fan gift you’ve ever received.

PAT- We get a lot of gifts while on the road so it is hard to pick just one but in general I like the ones where you can tell that the fan really was excited about what they made or bought and just wants us to see it. I am just thankful for anyone who comes out to the shows so that is all I really want to see.

Are there any food stops you always visit in certain cities?

PAT- In and Out burger when we are on the west coast and WaWa when we are on the east coast. We always go to Nando’s and Wagamama when in the UK and Australia.

What types of music have influence your new record and what has inspired the material you are currently working on?

PAT- With this record it was all recorded at different times so it is kind of all over the place but I think we looked a lot to bands like Wilco as far as the recording process went and not doing so many layers and thinking more about what take felt right rather than what was a “perfect” take.

You can catch The Maine on the road all spring and pick up their latest album, Pioneer here!

What are three personal things YOU would bring on tour?