Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Keltie Colleen

Well here they are! My final photos from the Buzzmaker Photoshoot. First off, thanks to the amazing Cameron Rad for shooting such beautiful images. I would like these photos to be a learning lesson to everyone that you should never spray tan the night before a big photoshoot. I swear, it looks like I have been living on the beach for 2 months! (it looks so good on the DWTS pro’s!) I was totally in love with my yellow Couture outfit, and even brought my heart sign from my living room to use in the shoot…get it…heartblog?

I learned alot about myself at the shoot, I’m never going to be a model or super cool looking but I’m always gonna be that girl, with one hair out of place, scars on her knees from dancing, and a big old forehead. I’m learning through blogging and living to be okay with that, to not compare myself to others and to be nice to myself.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and I would love to know which on is your favorite.