Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Dani Vitale

Hey guys! The pictures finally here!!! It feels like two little christmas’s seeing the Buzznet interview they made for me and now these pictures!! The shoot was so fun like I mentioned before. I don’t really like “modeling” that much. It’s really hard for me to make serious faces or try to be “sexy” lol I just start laughing and start jumping around like a little kid. So I tried watching Hannah Beth and the other girls to master the sexy face haha I still couldn’t help but smile.

I am always a harsh critic when I see pictures of myself. So it was hard looking at them and saying “I love them!” But I’m learning to not compare myself to the Victoria Secret catalog that’s on my coffee table right now….

I got to put on these pointe shoes from a couple years ago so I was kinda nervous. They aren’t my best looking ones on my feet, but more sentimental to me and I wanted to take pictures in them in case I were to ever lose em’. Cameron Rad killed it yet again and did such a beautiful job with all of us! Let me know what ones you like the best!